Penetron© Sealing Solution

Not all sealing fluids are created equally!

Water agents are used to promote optimum glue reactivation on all gummed materials. Use agents for envelopes, stamps, gummed tapes, and label stocks. Each bottle will convert 50 gallons of water into "super water" ready for adding into any tape dispenser, label dispenser, or mailing machine.

Penetron® Ready to Use Liquid has been formulated to be added directly into water systems of equipment that uses water to activate adhesives. Penetron enhances the performance of water activated adhesives where hard water is used. Penetron® products also help to dissolve hard water buildups and reduce bacteria in standing water. Available in sizes listed below. (Best application found in mailrooms for postage machines.)

You may think the simplicity of the sealing fluid is just a wetting agent and water and that’s what the so called “we mix it ourselves brigade” would have you believe. The quest for the lowest price is always out there, but mixing too thin deactivates the algaecide, too thick and you get soapy seal, mix with hard water and you get deposits that reduce efficiency and increase maintenance.

At Colorlabs we decided if we were going to be in the sealing fluids business we would not be a “me too” supplier. Recently we purchased the fluids business from Better Packages so we could get our hands on one of the best and longest use sealing formulas in the business “Penetron™” giving us access to source manufacturing and chemists who work in this area.

Not content with that we have now produced the sealing solution with the most carefully treated water mix you can get. Filtered, ionized and softened (see below) we have produced both an effective sealing solution and improved the life of sealing mechanisms and sponges, rollers and squeegees in these mechanisms. That means less cleaning and lower maintenance costs for the end user.

Our pre mixed Penetron™ sealing fluids are all carefully mixed with the super clean water, your customers will be happy. These smaller size premixed bottles are ideal for postage meter users and small to mid-size inserter users.

For bulk users and tape dispensers our super concentrate is the most economical way for heavy users to cut costs. For mid-size users our concentrate is already in the one gallon container so shipping is a breeze and less expensive, your customer simply fills the gallon container with water, ideally softened water if they want the maximum benefit.

The sealing fluids business is a good repeat business with excellent margins, sell the benefits and secure the business.

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Specification of water mix to concentrate:

Conductivity: 0.15 μS/m (micro Siemens per meter)
Total Dissolved Solids: Max. 3 particles per million
PH: 6.5 (varies with temperature)

Purification Flow:

1. Filter 5 microns
2. Filter 1 micron
3. Water Softener
4. Filter 0.5 microns
5. Reverse Osmosis Filter
6. De-ionization tank
7. Filter 0.35 microns
8. UV disinfection

Penetron™ Sealing Fluid

  • Penetron™ Concentrate 8 oz. bottles.
    (Treats 50 gallons of water)
  • Ready to use Postage meter pack. 16.oz.
    12 Bottles per case
    12 x 16 oz. bottles.
  • Ready to use meter/Inserter/tapes pack 64.oz.
    6 Bottles per case
    6 x 64 oz. bottles.
  • Ready to use meter/Inserter/tapes.*
    1 gallon Container.
  • Ready to use volume packs.*
    4 x 1 Gallon containers per case.
    4 x 128oz Containers

    Note *
    Gallon containers ship with concentrate in container for economical shipping, just add water.