Mailroom Cartridges

We are biased but we have good cause!

Recently we had a dealer call us tell us he was paying a lot less for his Pitney Bowes ® compatible cartridges from another supplier, when we asked him why he was calling in that case he said “well they don’t work that reliably” I told him I could probably sell him some cheaper than he pays right now that don’t work that well either!!! He laughed and understood my point.

The bottom line is always that you get what you pay for. There is no doubt the Chinese made product in the market have low prices and the quality has been steadily improving but they still have reliability issues and some odd looking solutions. One Chinese manufacturer sell the same cartridge (793-5) and then re-labels them and calls it a 765-9 and charges more! It does work but the customer gets 40% less impressions than the OEM, a quick way to lose a customer and your reputation.

We are probably not the least expensive supplier out there although we are very competitive, however since we make the product in the USA and test it on actual US set up machines our products work and are reliable. New compatible plastics are used and chips are updated as the OEM updates. We don’t infringe any patents and the inks meet all USPS requirements.

Now for the reason we really are biased: We have a couple of long time industry experts here to help you when you have sales or technical questions, we have no quibble guaranteed replacement policy (for any reason) and we are open 5 days a week to handle your requirements and our outstanding Customer Support is part of the price!

We have all the models including Connect+ and don’t forget to maximize your customer revenue as colorlabs offers a full line of  Postage Labels, Meter Tapes and Envelope Sealing Solution for every postage meter system.

100% new & remanufactured cartridges for Pitney Bowes. 



Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRP7650 Pitney Bowes® DM200, DM300
Secap™ DP200
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 765-0
MRP7653 Pitney Bowes® DM200i, DM300i, DM300L,
DM400i & DM400L
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 765-3
MRP7659 Pitney Bowes® DM300, DM400, DM450, DM475
3C00, 4C00, 5C00, 6C00
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 765-9
MRP7690 Pitney Bowes® E700, E707     
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 769-0
MRP7671 Pitney Bowes® B700, B702   
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 767-1
MRP7970 Pitney Bowes® K700, K7MO   
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 797-0, 797-M, 797-Q, Mailstation 1&2
MRP7935 Pitney Bowes® DM100i, DM200L, P700            
Secap™ DP100
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 797-0, 797-M, 797-Q
MRP6211 Pitney Bowes® DM500, DM525,DM550 & DM575          
Secap™ DP500, DP550
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 621-1
MRP7668 Pitney Bowes® DM800, DM800i, DM825,      
DM875, DM900, DM925, DM1000 & DM1100
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 766-8, 767-8
MRP772-2 Pitney Bowes® Infinity    ( twin pack)         
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 772-2
MRP 787-1

Pitney Bowes Connect + Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Production Fl. Red ink
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-1


Pitney Bowes Connect + Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Large Production Black
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 78P-K

MRP 787-8

Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Large Red
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-8

MRP 787-3 

Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Large Black
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-3

MRP 787-D Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-D
MRP 787-E

Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-E

MRP 787-F

Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series 500W, 1000, 2000, 3000
Compares to Pitney Bowes® 787-F

Remanufactured Neopost / Hasler Cartridges & Ink Tanks


Cartridges - IM/IS SERIES
Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRNH IM/IS280 IM/IS 240-280 Neopost / Hasler
Compares to ISINK2
MRNH IM/IS330  IM/IS330-480 SERIES STANDARD Compares to IMINK 34/4135554T
MRNH IM/IS460 IM/IN 440, 460 & 480 HIGH CAPACITY. Compares to 4145711Y & ISINK4HC
MRNIH IN600 IH/IN 600, 700 & 750 STANDARD CAPACITY. Compares to IHINK67
MRN IS5000 IS 5000 & 6000. Compares to IS56INK
Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRN 6120 NEOPOST IJ105 Compares to Neopost 8100032H
MRN 0028 NEOPOST IJ25 Compares to Neopost 33000280    
MRN 5243 NEOPOST IJ35, IJ40, IJ45, IJ50, IJ60 Compares to Neopost IJINK3456H/4105243U 
MRN 2910 NEOPOST IJ65, IJ70, IJ75, IJ80, IJ85 Compares to Neopost 678H/410291OP


Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRN 7175 NEOPOST IJ90 Compares to Neopost 41271750      175 ml
MRN 7176 NEOPOST IJ110 Compares to Neopost 4127176R   350 ml
Compares to NeoPost Part 4133780v


Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRH IM5000
IM 5000, 6000. Compares to IM56INK
MRH 6120 HASLER POWERPOST Compares to Hasler PPINK & HP C6120A
MRH 0262 HASLER WJ20 Compares to Hasler 3300262X
MRH 4705 HASLER WJ60, WJ65, WJ90, WJ95, WJ110 Compares to Hasler 4124705S
MRH 4703 HASLER WJ135, WJ150, WJ180, WJ185, WJ215 Compares to Hasler 41247030 


Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRH 7978 HASLER WJ220 Compares to Hasler 41279788   175 ml
MRH 7979 HASLER WJ250 Compares to Hasler 4127979C       350 ml 

Compares to Hasler  PROINK


Quantity discounts are available. Please call for details.

colorlabs fluorescent red ink cartridges are remanufactured to exacting standards.  Our unique ink formula is proven to meet all USPS fluorescence standards.  Inks extensively tested for optimal print quality & performance.

colorlabs products are 100% quality and satisfaction guaranteed as outlined in the colorlabs warranty. All colorlabs products are free from defects in material and workmanship and are 100% compatible for use in machine(s) for which they were designed for.  See our full warranty at

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Remanufactured & 100% New FP - Francotype Postalia & Data PAC

Item Number Machine Compatibility

PostBase mini only
Replaces PMIC10
MRFPIC-10** PostBase Standard Capacity
Models 20, 30, 45, 65, 85
Replaces PIC10

PostBase Hih Capacity
Models 20, 30, 45, 65, 85
Replaces PIC 40

MRF 3138** Ultimail
Models 60, 65, 90, 95 
Replaces FP 58.0033.3138.00
MRF 0022** Mymail
Replaces FP 0032.0022.00 
MRF 5302 T1000 / Optimail
Replaces FP 51.0019.5301.00   Sold in packs of 3 
MRF 3072 Optimail 30
Replaces FP 51.0019.3073.00  Sold in packs of 3


** Remanufactured.


Data-Pac® Mailing Systems     
Item Number Machine Compatibility
MRH 405dp** Data-Pac
 Compares to Data Pac DIB-C 0091     

** Remanufactured.